YIDEK | Power Quality Solution for Kanger Glass-ceramic Co., Ltd

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Kanger Glass-ceramic Co., Ltd(Kanger for short) is the world’s largest glass-ceramic production base and export base. The annual output value of Kanger is more than 50 millions dollars. Kanger has China’s largest and most complete glass-ceramic industry cluster and the world’s most advanced glass research center and has been leading the industry in the research, production, application, technology and service of special glass materials, parts and systems.

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The manufacture factory of Kanger equips many heating furnaces which take power from Phase A and Phase B of 0.38kV power grid. Because of the special connection mode, there are many problems in the power circuit, such as the three-phase imbalance, the low power factor and so on. These power quality problems lead to the more line loss of electric circuit, the reduction of equipment service life, the waste of transformer’s capacity and the huge electric charge ticket.

Finally, the Kanger manager contacted YIDEK to find the solution of power quality problems.

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Then engineers and technicians of YIDEK went to the Kanger factory to analyze the power quality in the location. They found the problems of three-phase imbalance and low power factor.

In few days, we provided the best solution – the YDK-APF/SVG power quality management cabinet to Kanger.

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With the installation and testing of YIDEK technicians, the problems of three-phase imbalance and low power factor were solved effectively. The voltage and current of Phase A, Phase B and Phase C were regulated to be balanced and the power factor was improved to 0.99.

With more than 20 years experiences of providing power quality solution, YIDEK offers the high-quality products, lastest technologies and best services to every customer from beginning to end.

Post time: May-27-2019