How to improve the power factor?

Power factor is an important factor of measuring the efficiency of electrical equipment. The low power factor indicates that the reactive power of the circuit is large, thereby reducing the efficiency of the device and increasing the line power loss.

Improving power factor is an important task in electric power industry. What can we do to improve the power factor?

Basically there are three ways to improve and correct PF by using YIDEK’s reactive power compensating products which are transformer compensating, the loads and motors compensating and the dynamic compensating respectively. Now let me introduce them to you in detail.



Compensating the reactive power of transformers.

Low-voltage power capacitors are installed in the secondary side of transformers to compensate the no-load and leakage-flux reactive power of distribution transformers. On the one hand, this way can have the advantages of convenient wiring, the easy maintaining and management. On the other hand, It also can effectively compensate the no-load reactive power of distribution transformers, limit the reactive load of rural power grid, improve the efficiency of transformers, reduce the reactive line loss and get the high cost performance. In sum, it is one of the most effective ways to compensate reactive power and improve power factor.


Compensating the reactive power of electromotors directly.

First of all, connect low-voltage power capacitor banks to motors in parallel. And then, Using control and protection devices to switch capacitor into the motor circuit at the same of motor’s starting. By this way, power capacitors can compensate the reactive power consumption of motors which have a large mount of excitation reactive power and limit the reactive load of electric equipment effectively. When electric equipment start up, capacitor banks are switched in. When electric equipment power off, capacitor banks are switched off. So there is not need to adjust the compensating capacity frequently. This compensating mode has a lot of advantages, such as less cost, less space, easy installation, convenient maintaining and low accident rate.


Dynamic compensating.

This compensating mode is realized by installing reactive compensating capacitor banks on the 0.4kV Busbar. It’s suited for the users of specialized distribution transformers. Compare to other two modes, the dynamic compensating has longer service life and more reliable operating. Its control and protection devices are complicated and early-stage investment is larger. If the cost of these three compensating modes is about same, the dynamic compensating should be the first choice.

Choosing the best compensating mode is the key of power factor correcting. These three modes come up with the experience of YIDEK years’ hard working. According to the different operating and installation environment, we will provide the best reactive compensating mode and solution to you.


Post time: May-16-2019